Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ONA Live: The Swimmers

Last year's One Note Ahead Live! was a simple concept: post some live video clips of ONA artists so my readers can see what these folks are like in concert. It was so well-received that I'm doing it again this year, only bigger and better. Instead of posting all the videos in one blog entry, I will devote a separate blog entry to each artist. Some artists will get more than one video, if there are enough good videos available and if the mood strikes me. The selection of artists will draw from across the One Note Ahead spectrum: longtime ONA favorites who've been featured here within the past year, artists who were formally reviewed here since the last ONA live roundup, and some of the acts I included in my XPN festival blog.

Let's begin with The Swimmers. Now, any band can play a song live. But it takes a special type of band to play a song live.........while marching and rolling a piano through the streets of Philadelphia:

Heaven [live]

The Swimmers on One Note Ahead: http://onenoteahead.blogspot.com/2008/03/album-review-swimming-into-trees.html

Stay tuned for more One Note Ahead Live in these last weeks of November.

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  1. they should have done it in Lancaster, really...but still an amazing video! So proud that I like like a couple miles from where Steve grew up and I know his parents... hurray for a small world.


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