Saturday, November 22, 2008

ONA Live: Andrew Lipke

I don't know what's up with Andrew Lipke. I had to exclude him from last year's One Note Ahead Live because I couldn't find any high-quality live videos of him. Now there are a few, but nowhere near as many as there should be. So I present to you these two solo acoustic performances captured at The Bitter End in NYC on June 4, 2008. These clips lack the awesomeness of Andrew's band The Prospects (formerly known as Bandrew), and they don't necessarily show that Andrew is precisely 20 feet tall, but they're good for what they are.

"On My Way":

"The Barker Song," which I like to call "The Bob Barker Song" (apparently I'm not the only one):

Both of these songs are on Andrew's new album Motherpearl and Dynamite, which I reviewed here:

Stay tuned! We'll be right back after these messages.....

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