Saturday, November 22, 2008

ONA Live: Gillian Grassie

On stage, the beautiful Gillian Grassie radiates such warmth as she gently infuses every word with emotion while lovingly caressing her harp.....and patiently tolerating an intransigent mic stand.

Can a mic stand be considered intransigent?

You can decide for yourself as you enjoy this performance of "Silken String," one of my favorite GG songs. This was filmed at The Bitter End in New York City during the November 6th finale of the New York Songwriters Circle's 2008 Songwriting Contest. You might like to know that Gillian won 2nd place!

Gillian Grassie on One Note Ahead:

The very same piece was also published on Crunkbox:

More One Note Ahead Live coming up!

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