Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Note Ahead Update

What times these have been! Last December, I reached two major turning points, one right after the other. First, I joined the indie music website Crunkbox as a staff writer. Days later, I was offered a job as the publicist for One Note Ahead favorites Downtown Harvest; of course I took it! From that point onward, I became more and more entrenched in PR work, and when I did turn back to music journalism, my attentions were split between Crunkbox and ONA. In addition, my being Downtown Harvest's publicist meant I could no longer write about them myself. Now, my days as DTH's publicist are over, but in the meantime I began representing another ONA favorite, Laura Cheadle. Therefore, it would now be a conflict of interest for me to write about HER! For all of these reasons, ONA hasn't been updated as frequently as it used to be, but the time is upon us for some news.

Two of our most beloved acts, Andrew Lipke (MySpace ONA) and the aforementioned Downtown Harvest (MySpace ONA) are busy working on new albums and have been previewing the new material at their shows. If you've missed out on the songs Andrew's had on his MySpace page for the past several months, check them out. Judging from what I've heard thus far, both acts are proving that they are not about to get stuck in a rut anytime soon.

Though it would be a conflict of interest to write about her per se, I'm certainly allowed to simply mention that Laura Cheadle (MySpace ONA) is also working on a new album, Live On, and is in fact previewing new material on her MySpace page.

Of course, our biggest celebrity around here is the one and only Matt Duke (MySpace ONA). His second album, Kingdom Undergound, is ready to be released on August 26th. Some of the new songs are currently playing on his MySpace page, and if you're particularly impatient, you can now get two of them ("30 Some Days" and "Rabbit") on iTunes. Having heard several of its songs live and on MySpace, I predict that Kingdom Undergound will be a case of building strength upon strength.

That's all for now. Stay tuned!

[July 14, 2008 update: Matt Duke's album is now scheduled to be released in September. Expect reviews of both Duke's and Lipke's new albums here in the relatively near future.]

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