Monday, November 9, 2009

One Note Ahead Update #3

It's time once again for updates on some of our favorites.

=> I announced last month that The Swimmers' second album, People Are Soft, would drop on November 3rd. Now I have it and I cannot stop listening to it! As enjoyable and well-received as their first album was, they could have just made a carbon copy for their second. Instead, The Swimmers opted to break loose, crafting intense songs about human vulnerability and performing them with remarkable gusto amidst fascinating sonic landscapes. People Are Soft is truly an album-length statement, and best appreciated as such. I've run out of profound things to say about the album, so......just give it a chance, eh?

=> Our good friend Matt Duke is not doing so well; he's fractured his right hand and has had to stop performing for the time being. He's updated us on his blog, but in the meantime, I hope all of us in the One Note Ahead family wish him the best. I know I do.

=> On a brighter note, remember how April Smith asked for your help in funding her next record? Well, she exceeded her goal and is currently working on the album! Congrats, April.

=> In our last update, I said that Downtown Harvest had a new album in the works. It's out now, and it's called Discovering Dinosaurs. It's been a long gestation period, with the forthcoming release announced at times as an album called Taco Hospital (greatest album title ever rejected), an EP called Shimmy, and an album called More Than Friends -- maybe not in that exact order, but I know everything else I said is correct! At any rate, Discovering Dinosaurs is available at all DTH shows and will hit iTunes next month. I don't even have my copy yet, but I hope to change that soon. If you're in the same boat, check MySpace for some new tunes.

=> Finally, I'm trying to keep up with Nicole Atkins.....I really am......but it's difficult these days. After two EPs and one album, she and Columbia Records have parted ways; she's now looking to move to a smaller label. She's out on the road trying out new songs on her live audiences, and plans to record her next album this coming winter. If you've been missing her in person (I have), live performances of her new songs keep showing up on YouTube; so many, in fact, that I'm waaaaayyyy behind in checking them all out! You can also listen to a live audio recording of her new song "The Tower" on MySpace.

And that is all for now!

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