Monday, July 13, 2009

April Smith needs YOU!

Remember April Smith? If not, you must not have been reading One Note Ahead last autumn! Check out my review of her live EP and the videos I posted of her in last year's ONA Live.

Now, April is trying to make a new studio album. Apparently, I'm in the minority for being a fan who's pleased to have the live versions of "Colors" and "Wow and Flutter" and won't die of musical malnutrition without polished studio versions. So here's the deal: a lot of independent artists these days are turning to their fans for funding. Making a professional quality record is not cheap, and without a label backing the artist, a lack of money often prevents records from being made. Thus, April is asking fans for help. View her own personal plea here:

Whether this convinces you to give her some of your money in these lean times is a different story entirely, but I give her an "A" for effort. Hell, even I pledged some money to this project, picky as I am about how I spend my money. Such is the power of April Smith, I suppose!

She's already more than halfway to her goal. Let's keep up the momentum:

And here's her official website for more info:

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