Friday, December 11, 2009

One Video Ahead: 2009 Time Capsule

As previously announced, I decided not to do One Note Ahead Live this year, but I did decide to make a video time capsule with a mix of videos. Not all of these videos are from 2009, but they are all about artists I've featured here in 2009. Not every ONA artist from this year will be included; basically, these are current artists who interest me most and/or have the best relevant videos online.

Let's start with two from last year's holiday season:

Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles previewing "Do It For Free"

Sharon Little (and Scot Sax) performing "Follow That Sound" --

Now that we've got you in the holiday spirit, let's move on...

Panic Years profile and performance (I was there when this live footage was shot)

The Guggenheim Grotto performing "Her Beautiful Ideas"

The Swimmers performing "A Hundred Hearts"

Tim McGlone and The Turn performing "Breakdown" --

Butterfly Boucher performing "Gun For A Tongue" --

And to close, two particularly interesting pieces.

Tippy Canoe in the super-cool music video for "Mass Transmissions"

And finally, some of The Bacon Brothers' XPN festival set was packaged as an episode of the PBS TV series On Canvas. If you watch this episode, look towards the bottom right-hand corner during the performance segments....see if you can spot a certain dancing machine wtih a 'fro and a striped shirt.....(ahem) --

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