Monday, August 10, 2009

Spotlight On: Panic Years

Let's not even try to come up with a label to pin on Panic Years; any label we could place on them wouldn't do them justice. And let's not begin with a list of their influences, for even when they are obviously influenced by another act, they still sound like Panic Years. Let's just say that if you're into recent or contemporary rock music, keep reading.

Panic Years began in Virginia Beach with singer Ed Everett and guitarist/keyboardist Amy Miller. With the assistance of Mark Padgett and Rob Sweitzer, the pair recorded the excellent Panic Years EP. Intricately-crafted melodies and complex drumming patterns provide a surprisingly sophisticated setting for the band's raw, angry lyrics -- and Ed's equally raw, angry vocals. Amy's fluid guitar work adds a bit of sheen to the proceedings while still providing the driving rhythms that keep the songs anchored. The music is aggressive, but it's also undeniably beautiful, transcending the narrow appeal of rock's subgenres to create something more universal.

Amy and Ed moved to Philadelphia last year, seeing the specialness in my fair city that so many Philly artists don't even see. They've since fleshed out Panic Years with new members to become a much beloved local act. I've yet to experience them in person, but the EP is one of the more engaging releases I've reviewed, and I recommend grabbing a copy online if you can't make it to the band's shows. If you can and do attend a show soon, maybe you'll see me there.

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